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EU and non-EU non-profit organizations organizing events (training, seminar, conference, annual congress or similar event) in France have to deal with VAT. Managing VAT obligations correctly can help your organization to optimize its revenues. (VAT cannot be a final cost for your organization). Otherwise, non-compliant organizer faces risks involving payment of VAT, possible penalties and late payment interests.

VAT in relation with participants

Right of admission to events such as conference and seminar is subject to VAT in France, the country where the event takes place (art. 53 and 54 of VAT Directive and art. 259 A 5° a and 5° bis of CGI).Re-invoicing of catering services, hotel accommodation costs, guide-tour, etc. is also subject to local French VAT (at different VAT rates). Your organization should therefore normally be VAT registered in France and charge local VAT.

Your organization should pay attention to French VAT rules : VAT registration process, mandatory mentions on invoices, filing periodical VAT return, books, registers and records, tax period and VAT returns, payment of VAT to local Treasury, VAT deregistration process, etc.